St. Louis already has several great gaming conventions. Why create another?

While it’s true the area is blessed with some great conventions, most of them happen in the summer months and encompass a broad spectrum of games, including card games, board games, and miniature wargames. With Role Call, we wanted to create an event that concentrated a little more heavily on roleplaying games. Role Call is focused primarily on organized play for Dungeons & Dragons by offering a bevy of Adventurers League (AL for short) games. We are fortunate to have a solid group of AL players in the St. Louis area, and we hope we can get them all together for a few days of fun!

Why choose the American Legion when the Gateway Convention Center is so close?

We really wanted to host Role Call at the GCC, but the costs associated with renting the space were too much. To make it work, we would have needed to more than double the badge price. Since Role Call focuses on a narrower slice of the gaming culture, we thought it smart to keep the overhead low.

Why focus Role Call on Dungeons & Dragons and the Adventurers League?

We’ve been D&D players nearly our entire lives, and while editions come and go, the game remains near and dear to our hearts. Oddly enough, it wasn’t until 5th edition that we became involved in organized play and started attending conventions specifically to play AL adventures. We’ve been having lots of fun with 5th edition and the Adventurers League, so focusing on these two things seemed to make the most sense.

Why cap your attendance?

The space we have at the American Legion is limited, and we know from attending other gaming conventions how loud and crowded things can get. To provide a better experience, we decided to lower the table count and limit the participants to 7 (a DM and 6 players) per table.

Can I split a badge between multiple people?

Our requirement is that each player who sits down to a table to play an event has a badge and a ticket. For example, if you can only attend the convention on Saturday and Sunday, and you have a friend who can play on Friday, but not Saturday or Sunday, it is perfectly acceptable to purchase a weekend badge and allow them to use it on Friday. Keep in mind they will still need a ticket for each Friday event they wish to play.

Will there be a Role Call 3?

We hope so, but it’s really up to you! If Role Call 2 ends up being a success, we see no reason why we can’t do it again next year.

Who created the awesome graphic in your website’s header?

The image was created by Aaron Lee.

Why can’t I get a free “DM Only” badge as an Iron DM or a DM who wants to run three or more games but not play in any events?

As explained on the Volunteering page, DMs are vital to a convention. There is no game without the Dungeon Master. Because of this, there is an inherent risk in handing out free DM badges. The risk is that DMs will back out at the last minute, causing events to be cancelled. If someone is only planning on running one or two events, and they cancel at the last minute, it is inconvenient, but we still have a good shot at finding someone to cover those slots. If they are signed up to run three to seven slots, the task of finding replacement DMs becomes much harder. The hope is that by investing in a badge, DMs are motivated to show up, run their games, and receive their reimbursement.