If you would like to attend Role Call, you need to buy a badge for the day(s) you plan on attending. Pre-registering for your badge online is the most affordable option and the best way to ensure you get to play the events you want. Events are $2 each at Role Call, but you cannot sign up for them unless you have a valid badge for the day the event is running. Your badge allows you to register for one event in each slot (see the Events page for more information). Badges must be worn at all times while at the convention.

At this time we only have resources for a limited number of badges each day, so be sure to get your badge early! For badge and event registration, we are using Tabletop.Events. We do not ship badges in advance. Your badge will be available for pick up on-site in April. Badges are available individually for each day of the convention or for the entire weekend. The prices are as follows:

 Friday  $15  $20
 Saturday  $20  $25
 Sunday  $15  $20
 Weekend  $35  $45

 All Days  $2  $2

Important: Registration is now closed. Additional badges may be available at the convention.


Special note: Outside water, soda, and alcohol is not permitted at Role Call. The American Legion operates a bar on-site, and drinks can be purchased there. It's fine if you bring a soda or a water back with you from lunch and need to finish it at the convention. Just don't bring a cooler full of drinks with you, and don't bring in any outside alcohol (they have a liquor license to protect). We have scheduled an hour break between each slot, so there should be ample time to grab food and drinks between events.
    The American Legion has made Role Call possible by offering us an affordable place to game. We ask that you please respect their policies.

Additional Details

  • Pre-Registration prices are valid from October 1, 2017 at 11:00 AM Central time through April 7, 2018 at 11:00 AM Central time.
  • Role Call does not offer any badge discounts.
  • All pre-registration sales must be completed online using the Tabletop.Events site. We do not accept email orders.