We need people to run our games and help with the setup, teardown, and administration of Role Call. If you’re interested in serving in any of these capacities, keep reading!


Dungeon masters are the lifeblood of an RPG convention. They bring the smelly trolls, wise kings, and evil necromancers to life. In a perfect world, they would be lauded for their selfless dedication to roleplaying and showered with attention and gifts for their tireless service. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and most DMs are overworked and underappreciated.

Full badge reimbursement is available to anyone who runs at least three adventures at Role Call, providing one of the three adventures is the D&D Epic or the D&D Special. To receive badge reimbursement for being a DM, you must purchase a badge as normal. When you finish running your third adventure at the convention, you will receive a refund at the Registration Desk to cover the cost of your badge. Note: Tables that fail to muster do not count against your three adventures for badge reimbursement.

If you want to help out by just running one or two adventures, and you aren't interested in playing any games, choose the “DM Only" badge. This free badge lets you run games, but it does not let you purchase event tickets. If you are going to run three or more games, we ask that you purchase a badge as normal, even if you don't plan on playing any games. (See the Q&A tab for details.)

If you volunteer to be a DM at Role Call, you receive the following rewards regardless of how many games you run:
  • Adventures. You get PDF copies of all the AL adventures you run at the convention.
  • An Adventurers League DM button. Yes, maybe it isn’t the greatest reward in the world, but it lets you wear your DM service like a badge of honor!
  • Our thanks. This might not seem like much either, but we really do appreciate our DMs. We simply could not do this without all of you. If we have the opportunity to host Role Call 3, we hope we can treat our DMs to even bigger and better rewards!
If you volunteer to be a DM for three or more games at Role Call, you receive full badge reimbursement, the rewards above, and the following: 
    • Something Special. Last year Wizards of the Coast provided us with free copies of Dungeon of the Mad Mage for our DMs. There is no guarantee they will be as generous this year, but we are planning on seeing what they have to offer!


    Do you love to DM? If so, sign up to be an Iron Dungeon Master. If you DM all seven slots at Roll Call, you earn all of the regular DM rewards, plus an extra $5 cash reimbursement for each slot! You will receive your extra $35 at the end of the convention, and while we can't promise anything at the moment, there may just be a little something special to go along with it...


    If DMing isn’t your thing, but you would still like to help, that’s great! We need people to help take down tables and clean up the hall when the event ends on Sunday. We also plan to have an AL table with logsheets and pregens available, and it would be nice to have someone knowledgeable about the Adventurers League there to answer questions between events.